Adults 18 and Older Welcome
Doors and Kitchen Open at 5

Showtime 8:30

Thursday April 5th

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​Raised in rural central Florida an hour from Orlando, but worlds away, Ray grew up hunting alligators and fishing for tarpon at the end of white sand dirt roads. The child of a family full of musicians, he began his professional career before he was a teenager, graduated to the bar scene as soon as he could drive and hasnt let up on the pedal since. "When I was 9 years old I wanted to learn how to play. I started playing guitar with my grandfather. Two, three nights a week we'd play community centers, Moose Lodges, assisted living homes, the VFW. I grew up with him on very, very old country music, I grew up playing Porter Wagoner, Bobby Bare, Earl Thomas Conley, Merle Haggard, Waylon - that was my first introduction to country music.

Not long after, he went to his first big concert: Garth Brooks in Orlando. "That was one of the big things that changed everything to me", Ray said. "That was my visual of what I wanted to do". The show was the start of a chain of musical events that would help shape Ray's dynamic, muscular, thoroughly modern sound. "I started watching everything Garth did. And Gary Allan came out with It Would Be You. I started listening to my generation's country. And then I started listening to my generation's punk. And my generation s rock n' roll, my generation's R&B, even a little bit of hip-hop. I could relate to all of this stuff".͟

He started writing his own songs, blending the ragged spirit of those early favorites and the bombastic new sounds of modern country around the turn of the century with pleasing bits and pieces from all over the musical map. What emerges in a thoroughly modern sound that's sonically adventurous, lyrically diverse and over the top on the voltage meter. "He is all about energy, energy, energy, both in his music and how he presents it on stage", his producer Scott Hendricks said. "There aren't very many moments where you're going to have time to rest when you watch him because there's a lot of energy he's putting out".